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Below, you will find what some clients were kind enough to say about my work.

"John Frank is one of the most powerful psychics and healers I have ever met. He is also tremendously caring and supportive and always does his best to help, understand and resolve whatever issues people bring."
--- Judy Piatkus, Piatkus Books, London.

" Talking with John has changed my life for ever. Eight years ago I was single, very frightened and suffering from low self esteem. I am now in a loving relationship and look forward to the future.The therapy John gave me healed my soul!"
--- Tamara Slusarska, Warsaw, Poland.

" John has been of enormous help to me as a practitioner, and to many of my colleagues and friends. His channeled advice is invaluable to everybody".
--- Terry Moule, NDDO,MRN,registered osteopath, Great Malvern, England.

" John is consistent, conscientious, very loving and effective, and above all -non judgemental. In terms of emergency support -fantastic!"
--- Patricia Breeze, Malaga, Spain.

" Since our telephone conversation 4 years ago, the painful bone condition has cleared up, and I have never had another epileptic fit. Thank you John!"
--- Juergen Wuennenberg, Heidelberg, Germany.

" John has worked miracles for my daughter Arabella (aged 10). She was born with a rare blood condition, where her bone marrow made very few red blood cells. Since John has been working with her....she is feeling hugely improved, happy and confident....her bone marrow is now finally making the red cells she needs. She can be weaned off those transfusions forever. The doctors said it was incurable, and they are amazed at her recovery!"
--- Louise McLean, London, England.

" Over the last two to three years I have had the good fortune of having John work with me. I used to be an incredibly anxious person. John has dealt with my anxieties one by one, even the trifling ones have received the same care and attention as the really deep rooted “baggage” I had been carrying around for years. Slowly but surely, my belief in myself has become stronger and my perspective on life brighter.
John, has dealt with some very specific personal family and work issues for me with 100% success. I cannot pretend to understand or explain how he does it, but the results speak for themselves .
John, has my undying gratitude now and for many lifetimes to come."
--- Jyoti Ferguson, Essex, UK.

" John has helped me in so many ways in the last 5 years. I have grown to trust his very powerful psychic and healing powers...which he uses with such sensitivity, lightness and effectiveness.Most recently, having suffered from recurrent cyclical post viral syndrome for some 3 years...John's psychic healing to my immune system completely cleared all the feelings of fatigue in my body. I now feel more energised than I have for years!"
--- David Thorne, Middlesborough, England.

" Many thanks for your very special session tonight, and for all the marvelous work you do - always!"
--- Sofia Staynton, London, England.

" As you know, John I only send you my most intractable cases. As a healer myself, I have my pride! Only when I have tried everything (and failed) with a client....that's when I point him or her in your direction. I tell them you're the "Healer of Last Resort". The amazing thing, John, whatever you do with them, it usually works!"
--- Larry McMahon, Hypnotherapist, County Kerry, Ireland.

" I had a horrific childhood...living in fear and terror of a father who, (for some reason) hated me. You released me from that life-long burden, John!"
--- Lucinda Keogh, San Francisco, USA.

" I have worked with John many times over the last few years, on topics varying from business development, health, relationship problems and psychic attacks. It has always amazed me, and still does, that while we are on the end of a telephone line...we can both be "seeing" exactly the same thing at the same time. The fact that we are at opposite ends of the world, makes no difference! His "Committee" has always given sound advice. I have learned a great deal from John, and "grown" enormously over the time we have known each other. Thank you John".
--- Sue Seaby, Perth, Australia.

" Contrary to current therapeutic processes, which approach the unconscious over a long time scale, John Frank gets to the root of the issue instantly. His clarity and skills are breathtaking, and his humour heart-warming. Working with John has opened many doors for me, and for the clients, colleagues and friends I have recommended to him."
--- Jane Malcolmson, Personal Development Coach, London, England.

" John's unique powers never cease to amaze me. His powerful intuition combined with his sensitivity, warmth and integrity have helped me considerably over the last 7 years. Recently, he has helped my chronic long term shoulder problem to recover."
--- Susan Lever, Sound Healer, Middlesborough, England.

" John Frank offers an evolutionary step in therapy, where painful experiences are reduced in one session, and happiness is implanted!"
--- June Beddington, Edingburgh, Scotland.

" John Frank is wonderful! He is accurate, *so* conscientious and caring in what he sees. His healing and guidance is direct, comprehensive and highly effective. I recommend him to anyone who feels drawn to experience his gifts of healing as a person and of his work."
--- Sharon Wehner, Partner, Vision Into Action, Vancouver, Canada.

" John works with the forces of white light and literally creates miracles!"
--- Louise Walker , Welford on Avon, England.

" I have tried for several years now to find a healer for myself and children. I first came across John a few weeks ago when I sought help for my son aged 10. I can only tell you that the difference now in my son is incredible, I have my loving wee boy back! This is after several years of my son labelled as disruptive and adhd, along with trail on medication at times. In this particular one session John shifted a host of issues for myself and my son and words cannot express the gratitude I feel right now. Every one in our lives and school notices the difference to him. I now feel the root cause of my son's unhappiness and at times despair has been lifted. as a mother this is an absolute miracle! Thank you John, Thank you so much. your gift to do this is truly divine. I know I have come to you regarding other issues and know I can contact you and feel this amazing energy to help me do what I cannot do alone. you reach parts that other healer over the years could not. Bless you."
---Linda Alexander, N. Ireland


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