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" I have worked with John Frank for over eight years, and always found our sessions 100% enlightening and rewarding.

In the last three months, because of outside influences, I decided to award myself a session with John once a week. The progress I have made in my life has been astonishing. I was in a low, dark place when we started with the weekly sessions, and I have to say three month's on, the difference to my life, my attitude and the way I feel are transformed. I am stronger, happier and more confident. I have come from a dark place into the sunshine, and believe me it's a great place to be. Last week we had the most interesting and revolutionary session when I realised, with John's help, that in my divorce 18 years ago, I had stopped seeing the future, and indeed believed at a deep level that I had not got one. I had subconsciously been carrying this terrible burden all those years.

It's so good now to know I have a future in life, in work, in every way. I could never see it before. It sounds strange, but if anyone of you out there have ever felt like this, you will know the dark place that it is. John helped me retrieve this black space, shine a light on it, and dispel it for ever. Thank Goodness. Thank you John.

If anyone reading this needs to phone me to ask how John works, or has any queries, I am only too happy to answer them. It is such a pity to waste time, when John is there and able to help in the magical, knowledgeable and experienced way he has. I can be contacted on 0796 625 2734.
--- Louise Walker, Warwickshire, England".


" Over the past few years, John has done incredible things for me on so many different levels. Such as disengaging me from annoying relatives, evaluation of business or service personnel, validating a child lost for nearly 40 years was indeed mine, amazing feedback on a software project, ranking the best places for us to retire to, and not least, helping keep myself centred when it seemed impossible. He is truly gifted, and I am proud to recommend him, and to state he had become a dear friend.
--- Craig Chamberlin, Portland, Oregon, USA.


"John Frank truly is a gifted healer. During our session, I felt warm healing energy move throughout my body. Afterwards, I felt lighter and clearer and experienced increased energy. When I came to John, I had psychic disturbances in the form of night terrors and nightmares. I was terribly afraid of the dark. After just a couple of sessions, my fear of the dark is almost completely gone and my dreams have greatly improved. I also feel lighter, clearer and have more
energy since working with him. John is also quite perceptive and shed alot of light on some of my health issues and problems. I highly recommend his services."
--- Duke Tate, Alabama, USA.


" Our dog is a Jack Russell terrier named Peppy, who is generally very cheerful and upbeat. A couple of weeks ago, after his annual vaccination, he became very depressed. He also started to itch his skin and lick his toes constantly. He started to become more aggressive and sensitive to the touch. He was no longer interested in playing and did not have enough strength to jump on the bed. We figured he had an allergic reaction to the shot and vowed not to ever give him another one. However, we did not have a remedy. We called John and had him work on Peppy for one session. After John worked on him for about fifteen minutes, Peppy began to wag his tail again. He also picked up a ball and started playing. Since then, his old personality has returned. He no longer drags around the house. His ability to jump up on the couch has returned as well. In the session, John also directed us to a supplement that would help Peppy and we feel that has helped him tremendously to regain his ground. I highly recommend John's service for people or dogs! I am sure you will experience similar results as I did."
--- Duke Tate, Alabama, USA.


"John - I feel I am going through a metamorphosis since I started working with you. I have had only two sessions and I truly feel my life changing, even making quantum leaps in some areas such as my emotional body.

The healing you did with me less than a week ago has been somewhat of a miracle. I am so much stronger and consolidated in my physical and emotional body. My body is so much lighter, particularly my heart chakra. I feel as if a burden has been lifted off me. My cellular structure feels change, perhaps even the DNA.

John, I don't know what you did or how you did it, but healing is happening with me. My recent pain, and perhaps a lifetime of stored pain is healing. I am so grateful for your help. Thanks for the true representation of your services as a psychic healer because that's exactly what I received.

I recognize I still need more work, and would like to schedule another appointment with you. I know I am on my way to being whole and complete again. I trust with your help I can get there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me. I had been searching for over a year now for the caliber of the service you provide."
--- Estralia Russell, Nevada, USA.


" John has worked miracles for my daughter Arabella (aged 10). She was born with a rare blood condition, where her bone marrow made very few red blood cells. Since John has been working with her....she is feeling hugely improved, happy and confident."
--- Louise McLean, London, England.


"I came across John on-line, whilst desperately looking for a healer to help me shift a virus that modern medicine couldn’t touch and didn’t want to know about. From my first session with him I realised that he wasn’t only a healer; but was also a gateway for a highly evolved team of powerful spiritual forces.

After that initial session I came back to John with a ‘shopping list’ of things I wanted or that needed fixing in my life. To date John has removed the cause of my virus; resulting in a 90% improvement of the symptoms so far, banished a malevolent entity that had invaded my sleep for 3 years, replaced my miserable childhood with a joyous one, removed the karmic barriers that have prevented me from making money in my work, healed my shattered heart chakra and my fearful solar plexus one, and has placed numerous positive ‘magnets’ in my system to attract things that I want and need in my life.

And the results? Health, wealth and happiness. My vitality has been restored, I have self-belief that I never realised was lacking until the inner child work was done, money has flowed from all sorts of unexpected places, opportunities have risen at work and my husband brings me a cup of tea in bed and gets up with the baby every morning ( unheard of until now!).

I’m not sure exactly what John does, or that he could always put it into words himself – but I do know that it works on a seemingly gentle, but actually a very deep and powerful level; and that it changes your life."
--- Leanne Rose’Meyer

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