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How I Got Here ....

As a youngster, I used to "see and hear things" in a special way. In my innocence I thought everyone had this facility. But after being beaten up a couple of times at school, I quickly learned to keep quiet about my "gift"!

It was only well into my adult years that I began to truly appreciate and develop this gift. And it truly is a gift I have been given....rather than a talent or set of skills I have been trained in.

In my work, I am helped and advised by a group of advanced beings from the spirit world. I call them my "Committee"! I can ask them any questions you like....and they always give answers. But only on behalf of my clients. In other words, they never help me directly. They also refuse to foretell the future but have a highly developed sense of humour. I guess that's one reason why I'll never be a millionaire! And they give advice on absolutely anything.

Over the years, I have developed and used my gift in many ways. So when I am working with a client, I can use various approaches, as necessary. These include transmitting healing energy, seeing the relevance of past lives, communicating with your Higher Self, and even protecting you from malicious spirits or people!

And - you may find this strange - I do my best work over the telephone ! Nowadays, with phone charges so low, (especially with phone cards), this is a real possibility. So it does not matter that you and I do not live in the same neighbourhood or country. If you decide to use me as a resource for your own development or healing, all you need do is pick up the phone or send me an e-mail. In fact, many of my clients consult me by phone from various European countries, Australia and the United States.

You should know that I am not a fortune teller. I consider fortune telling to be unethical (and so do my Committee!). I am however a clairvoyant....in the sense that I can "see" things and entities in the spirit realm, as well as being able to see the "chakras" or energy fields of my telephone clients.

Some of my clients refer to me as "The Last Chance Saloon" in the sense that they have already spent years trying out all sorts of other therapies, but without result. They see me literally as their last opportunity. And very often, they do achieve the healing, success, happiness or inner development they seek. I am flattered that other healers use me themselves....and often send me their most difficult clients.

If there is anything you would like to know about myself or my work....or if you would just like to say Hello....just click here.


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