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Each client I talk to, has unique needs. So each session is different, but totally geared to the client's problems or challenges right now. But to give you some idea of the sorts of issues I help my clients with, read on....

Let's say you are facing some major challenges in your business or personal life. My "committee" of spirit guides can help you to make the right decisions.

Perhaps you are suffering from Depression caused by an unhappy childhood? Then I can heal your "inner child" on the spiritual plane. It feels like replacing a miserable childhood with the happy childhood of your choice!

Maybe you feel there is something missing from your life? I can flood your being with happy healing energy to help move you on.

Then, there are Relationship problems . In this case I communicate with the Higher Selves of both you and the other person. What we do, in effect, is to negotiate a new deal between both parties. This clears unconscious blocks which may exist....enabling Love to flow through.

Do you by any chance live in a haunted house ? I can immediately contact the earth bound spirit, which is what a "ghost" really is. I then gently guide the unhappy spirit away from your home....and towards the Light. So your house can then return to normal.

Exploring past lives can explain riddles of current behaviour in a way which nothing else can. I am permitted to disconnect you from negative past influences....thus freeing you to live this life to the full.

Perhaps a friend or relative is in need of healing, but refuses help. What I can do is gently contact the Higher Self of the other person,....and ask for permission to send healing in a "covert" way.

Then of course, there is straightforward physical healing . In this case I send healing energy to the relevant parts of the body. I this context I receive special help from a Master Healer from the "other side". He chooses to channel his healing powers through me to you when appropriate.

And all of this over the telephone !!!

For most of my clients, this phone call is also an enjoyable and empowering experience.

Naturally, your own challenges or problems are unique to you. You might like to check whether or not I can help? Just send me a "no obligations" e-mail to ask me, by clicking here. You will have my reply by return.


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